Selling Real Estate on Cape Cod or the South Coast

Your Kinlin Grover agent can help you navigate this journey.

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1. Setting the Stage to Sell Your Home

The status of the real estate business has changed over the years with the advent of the internet. Most Buyers today, about 80%, begin their search for properties on line. Some experts cautioned that the role of the agent would be diminished. In fact, the opposite is true. Although the function of the realtor has changed, it is more important than ever. Instead of just being a provider of property address, the agent today is a trusted counselor and negotiator. The buying and selling process is more complicated and very much a hands-on relationship.

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2. The Role of the Listing Agent

When you are ready to sell your home, the REALTOR will act in the role of the listing agent. The listing agreement is the contract that provides the seller representation with a particular real estate company and the listing agent. The listing presentation is the meeting where Seller and agent meet at the property. The components of the meeting are: your desired timetable, a description of property, a pricing strategy and a marketing plan.

Initially the agent goes through the property with the homeowner — notating special features e.g. custom cabinets, fireplaces, etc. The basics of the home are also enumerated at this time e.g. number of rooms, bedrooms, baths etc. Additionally, the agent goes to town hall to determine that information is accurate, as well as assessment and tax figures. Your agent will have you spell out what furniture, fixtures or appliances will be included in the sale. In the meantime you will be given a document to fill out called a "Sellers Description of Property" or "Seller Disclosure" and this provides important information to potential buyers.

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3. The Pricing Strategy

There are huge drawbacks to an over priced property so pricing correctly is the most important factor in selling a home. The danger of not competitively pricing the home in the first place is that with price reductions you are always chasing the market. Once an over priced property is correctly reduced, time on the market is not to a seller's advantage since buyers question why it hasn't sold. As real estate professionals, we will counsel you regarding the importance of appropriate pricing strategies so your home will be competitive in the marketplace from the very start. After viewing your property and gathering information, the agent focuses on comparable properties to provide the Seller with the best counsel on pricing to sell. This is called a CMA which means Comparative Market Analysis. It is broken down by properties currently on the market, demonstrating what the competition would be, and properties that have sold. The sold properties show what value buyers have determined they are willing assign to amenities.

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4. Developing a Marketing Plan

To attract buyers to a home, together the Seller and the agent will go over the marketing plan. The advent of the internet has had a profound effect on the process of selling and buying real estate. Newspapers, once the powerhouse of real estate advertising, have become less important today. It is the internet that buyers first turn to for information. You will be apprised of the various websites and publications where the home will be advertised. At Kinlin Grover we recognize the value of international marketing by advertising in magazines having a worldwide distribution and websites that offer a global reach. A discussion regarding signage, Broker Tours, showing appointments, keys and Open Houses takes place with the agent using their expertise for the marketing and showing of the home. The agent acts as the coordinator for all showings. Make it easy for a buyer's agent to show you home. Your listing agent will also keep you informed of market conditions helping to keep you current with any fluctuations or changes. Our goal is to help get your home sold for the highest possible price, in the shortest amount of time with a minimum amount of stress.

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5. Showing your Property at its Very Best

First impressions last forever. It is vital to make sure that everything possible has been done to enhance the qualities of your home before it is shown to prospective buyers. Here is a list to consider for getting serious offers:

  • Maximize the curb appeal, trim bushes, edge lawn
  • Check for peeling paint
  • Be sure you have a welcoming front door — a new mat helps
  • Clear out the clutter especially counter tops
  • Make it sparkling clean and fresh — hire a professional
  • Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Complete all necessary repairs — no leaky faucets
  • Make sure pets are out of the way
  • Set the stage to differentiate your home
  • Make your home look as spacious as possible, remove excess furniture
  • Get a buyer's-eye view
  • Keep the garage door closed

To maximize the interior appeal, a seller might consider a new service which is achieving much success is the use of professional consultants who help you "stage" your property. This could include options such as rearranging the furniture, changing the traffic pattern or enhancing the décor to take full advantage of your home's appeal to potential buyers.

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6. Receiving the Offer to Purchase

It is the listing agent's obligation to present all offers. Upon receipt of an offer from a Buyer, the agent meets with you, the seller and provides counsel. All terms of the offer need to be presented and discussed. The agent negotiates on your behalf. Most buyers and sellers want to arrive at a win-win agreement. Successful agents tend to be experienced negotiators and they have a track record of bringing buyers and sellers together. After an agreement is reached between the Buyer and Seller, the offer is signed by all parties and the Buyers present a check for the deposit.

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7. The Purchase and Sale Contract

When all contingencies are satisfied; the Purchase and Sale contract is reviewed by the attorneys and is then signed. The Buyer provides a deposit on the property.  The deposit is held in an escrow account by the listing company.  The listing agent pays strict attention to all the timeframes and coordinates all aspects of the sale including home inspections, confirmation of mortgage commitment and smoke certificate.

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8. The Closing and Settlement

The agent is present when the Buyer does the walk through prior to closing and is with the Seller at the closing table. The role of the listing agent and company is paramount in the sale of ones' home.  Step by step the agent and company guide the Seller through the process.  We at Kinlin Grover pride ourselves on providing Premiere Service to our clients. Our 96% satisfaction rating is a testament to the caliber of service we provide.

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9. Moving Checklist and Tips

  • Select a reputable mover and payment method
  • Change of address – notify the Post Office, credit cards, bank, subscriptions, relatives and friends
  • Insurance- cancel old and obtain new, life, health, fire and auto
  • Auto registration and driver's license
  • Voter registration
  • Utility companies
  • Routine deliveries
  • School records
  • Medical and dental histories and prescriptions
  • Church, clubs and civic organizations
  • Pet information – licenses, vaccinations

On Moving Day:

  • Carry currency, important papers and jewelry
  • Double check closets and drawers
  • Let friends and relative know your schedule
  • Leave keys with your Realtor.

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