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What You'll Find in Downtown Centerville

With a population of nearly 11,000 people, Centerville is one of Barnstable's larger villages. However, the community is primarily residential, so you won't find much commercial activity, and most residents will venture elsewhere when heading on a shopping spree.

The lone exception is Centerville's defacto downtown area, a tiny stretch of Falmouth Road between Old Stage Road and Phinneys Lane that features two shopping malls and two smaller plazas.

The result is a miniature commercial zone with enough shopping to get you through until you have time to visit Hyannis or a larger center to stock up.

Here's a look at the shops and restaurants in Centerville that are sure to make your life easier after buying a home on this part of Cape Cod.

Centerville Shopping Center

The largest shopping venue in this part of Centerville is called the Centerville Shopping Center. The mall features multiple buildings and includes a deli, an electronics store, a pet store, a nail salon, two banks, a fitness center, a florist, a barber, and a tailor, to name a few.

There's a post office, a jeweler, and a Dunkin' location at this shopping center, too, and the parking lot is sizable enough that you'll never have to search for a spot.

You'll never confuse the Centerville Shopping Center for Rodeo Drive, but it has some shops you'll likely need from time to time after moving here.

Bell Tower Mall

Right next to the Centerville Shopping Center is the Bell Tower Mall, a similarly-sized facility with a hardware store, hairdresser, nail salon, cobbler, computer repair store, and custom orthotics shop.

There are multiple restaurants at the Bell Tower Mall, including Papa Gino's, 99 Restaurants, Great House Centerville, and the famous Cape Cod Chocolatier. These eateries make this an excellent place to stop for a meal, especially when you're out with the family.

Parking at the Bell Tower Mall is a little more scarce than at the Centerville Shopping Center, but it also has fewer retailers, so it ends up working out.

Bayberry Plaza

The south side of Falmouth Road is home to Bayberry Square, a small strip mall featuring a dentist, a lawyer's office, an insurance agency, and an investment services provider. Garrett's Family Market is right next door, too, if you need some groceries while you're in the area.

It's unlikely that you'll visit Bayberry Square unless you require any of the services listed. Still, it's nice to know that these professionals are available at a convenient location with adequate parking in Centerville.

Centerville Plaza

Centerville Plaza is right next to Bayberry Plaza, and it has a little more going on for consumers.

Shops at this strip mall include a dry cleaner, a health center, and a convenience store. 

The facility is also home to Pinocchio Pizza and the always busy Centerville Pie Company. There's a good chance you'll try these two restaurants at one time or another after buying a home in Centerville because they are two local favorites you won't want to miss.

Office Buildings

Other buildings in this part of Centerville include Center Park, which features various offices, the MSPCA Cape Cod, where you can adopt a pet once you get settled, and the Cape Cod Package Store, selling wine, beer, and spirits. 

The north side of the highway has The Casual Gourmet, one of the Cape's top caterers, and a Kinlin Grover office.

The best news is that all of these buildings are within walking distance of each other, making it easy to park once and meander between venues.

Getting Settled in Centerville

Buying a home in Centerville puts you in one of Cape Cod's most desirable areas. This village is close to the bustle of Hyannis and has direct access to Craigville Beach but doesn't have the amenities to make it a hot spot in the summer. The result is a relatively quiet atmosphere and a peaceful lifestyle despite being so close to the action.

Centerville's downtown is hardly anything to write home about. It's small and doesn't have any big-name retailers like you'd expect to find in a commercial district.

At the same time, this small portion of Falmouth Road has everything you'll ever need to keep your home stocked with food and features most of the services you'll require after getting settled in the area.

When you put all of these aspects together, you can see why those who live in Centerville, MA, love it so much.

Published July 14, 2021 in Get to Know Cape Cod, Exploring Our Area