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Subtle Ways to Make your Home Irresistible

You’ve decided to sell your home. You dream of every potential buyer coming in and saying “I love it.” Offers pour in, and you pick the best offer. You start to think that you can't turn this dream into reality, but can you?

Of course! There are many ways in which you can manipulate the buyer in the most positive way. Portraying your home in the best possible light, as well as using these simple psychology tips can drastically affect the buyer’s feelings toward your home.

Amp up the curb appeal

Psychology 101: First impressions are incredibly important! Just like meeting someone for the first time, potential buyers seeing your home will make instant judgements based on what they see, especially on the outside. Stand at the curb of your home and put yourself in the buyers shoes. Ask these questions:

  • Is the landscape neat?

  • Is the lawn edged?

  • Is the porch clean?

Fixing any damages or adding a fresh coat of paint will add a fresh feel, but remember to keep things neutral. This includes any garden ornaments and decoration. Items that you may find homey and cozy might not be the style of the buyer, so removing them will keep things fresh and simple.

Declutter your spaces

The buyer needs to be able to envision themselves in your home, so as you get your home ready to view, it is a good idea to remove furniture that takes up space. The emptier your home is, the bigger it will feel and the more attractive it will be to buyers.


Make your home as generic as possible, because you want buyers to picture their furnishings and decor on your walls. This is hard to do when you have photos of your family and other personal items (maybe start by removing the picture of you and your crazy uncle Bob popping champagne on 4th of July). Keeping your spaces clean, fresh and neutral will attract all personalities.

Keep it looking and smelling clean

Showing your home in pristine condition is enticing to buyers. The second a buyer walks through the front door, they know if the owners are clean. Excess dirt and grime, mixed with a bad smell, gives the perception that the home is poorly maintained.

Buyers can tell if you’re burning a cinnamon candle to cover up a bad smell, so adding subtle and pleasing scents to your home will help. Some sellers swear on candles, but others swear that baking cookies before a showing helps give the home a cozy and inviting feel. Whatever you choose, make sure to keep cleaning supplies mild and scented fresheners mellow.

Published July 19, 2018 in Did You Know?, Around Your Home