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Living Near Quissett Harbor in Falmouth, Massachusetts

beautiful view of quissett harbor

Falmouth’s Quissett Harbor sits in a mostly residential area overlooking Buzzards Bay. This quiet neighborhood on Cape Cod’s western shoreline has plenty going for it, as residents have an abundance of relaxing ways to spend their days.

Buying a home on this part of the Cape puts you close to the Bourne Bridge, making it easy to head to the mainland while residing close to Woods Hole and downtown Falmouth. 

You’re also mere minutes from Buzzards Bay, and can even take your boat into the Cape Cod Canal from this convenient location, providing you with lots of opportunities to explore on the ocean.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect after buying a home on Quissett Harbor.

The Marina and Yacht Club

Whenever you approach the harbor, you’ll see countless boats in the water, and that’s because of the Quissett Yacht Club and the Quissett Harbor Boatyard.

The Quissett Yacht Club is a private, members-only organization that dates back to 1912. Members can apply for access to one of the club’s 40 moorings and use the private parking lot to explore other attractions around the harbor.

Many members join the club’s racing teams because they host and attend events multiple times per week in the summer. There are also instructional programs at the Yacht Club for adults and children, so if you’re just getting started with sailing, this is an excellent place to learn.

Keep in mind that the Quissett Yacht Club doesn’t have a clubhouse, so all social events occur on the water or at different locations on Cape Cod. You’ll also need a member to sponsor your application if you wish to join.

You’ll likely notice more than 40 boats moored throughout the harbor, and that’s because the Quissett Harbor Boatyard has space for 50 additional vessels. This full-service marina offers you space to store your boat in the water and provides boat sales and repairs.

Other amenities at the Quissett Harbor Boatyard include a dinghy dock, water hookups, winter storage, and a pump-out. This family-owned marina offers everything you’ll need to get your boat on the water in the summer, and its outstanding locations on the harbor brings customers back year after year.

The Knob

Most uninhabited land on Quissett Harbor is protected nature preserve,  including a hiking area called The Knob.

The Knob features a trail that starts at the Yacht Club and continues all the way to the mouth of the harbor. As you make this hike, you’ll travel through the woods and along the shoreline, and will have numerous opportunities to stop at a secluded section of beach along the way.

The Knob is a place of relaxation and an excuse to get out into nature for many Quissett Harbor residents, and it’s sure to become a significant part of your life once you own a home here.

Hitting the Beaches

We mentioned that you could wander to a deserted beach as you hike The Knob, but there are other options on Quissett Harbor and its surrounding area, as well.

For starters, there’s a small beach just north of the marina. This beach doesn’t have a lot of space and is typically used to put a cartop boat in the water, but there’s a parking lot and some sand if you’re looking for a comfortable place to relax.

You can also head over to Trunk River Beach or Falmouth Beach, both of which are on Vineyard Sound. These beaches are walkable, as they’re less than a mile from the harbor, or you can drive or ride your bike there in a matter of minutes.

The gist is that when you live on Quissett Harbor, you’re never far from a stretch of sand.

Woods Hole Golf Club

If you fancy a round of golf, the Woods Hole Golf Club overlooks Quissett Harbor and delivers a scenic backdrop that other Cape courses can’t match. Keep in mind that the Woods Hole Golf Club is private, so you’ll need a membership or a guest pass from a member to play.

Once you have a membership, you can play unlimited rounds of golf on this breathtaking course and even have access to the on-site tennis courts and clubhouse.

Speaking of the clubhouse, it’s sure to become the focal point of your social life once you’re a member because there’s always an event or dinner to attend.

And even if there isn’t an event on a given day, the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner daily, and even has outdoor dining areas offering beautiful views of the Cape’s famous sunsets.

So Much to Do Near Quissett Harbor

There are all kinds of perks associated with living on Quissett Harbor, and you’re sure to take advantage of many of them if you buy a home nearby. Being able to hike through the wilderness and enjoy a five-star meal in an upscale clubhouse on the same day gives you a lifestyle of which most people in the country can only dream.

You can also take your boat as far into the ocean as you wish or relax on a secluded stretch of beach with no one but you and your family around for miles.

Give Quissett Harbor a look when buying a home on Cape Cod because it provides everything you could ever want in a coastal residence.