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Kinlin Grover's Newest Community Video – Harwich, MA


Located midway between the Cape Cod Canal and Provincetown, Harwich offers a bit of the classic Cape Cod experience for everyone. Historic Harwich center and Harwich Port are a bit of old-time Americana, with band concerts and arts and craft shows in the summertime. A ferry boat leaving from Saquatucket Harbor goes to Nantucket and there are beautiful saltwater beaches along Nantucket Sound.

Breathtaking scenery, a friendly smile, a helping hand and a warm reception make Harwich a wonderful place to explore any time of the year. Harwich offers a relaxed, family-friendly lifestyle with lots of natural beauty to exploree.

The history of Harwich is richly written in the sandy soils of Cape Cod and on the watery depths of the world’s oceans. The town of Harwich was settled as part of the “plantation of the old comers, or purchasers,” when the Plymouth colony relinquished its charter and was absorbed into the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The town of Harwich, incorporated originally in 1694, included the present day town of Brewster, known then as the North Parish, which was separated from the South Parish in 1803. Early industry involved fishing and farming. The town is considered by some to be the birthplace of the cranberry industry, with the first commercial operation opened in 1846.

The seven villages of Harwich are West Harwich, North Harwich, East Harwich, South Harwich, Harwich Center, Harwich Port and Pleasant Lake. Harwich is on the southern side of Cape Cod, just west of the southeastern corner. It is bordered by Dennis to the west, Brewster to the north, Orleans to the northeast, Chatham to the east, and Nantucket Sound to the south. The town shares the largest lake on the Cape, called Long Pond, with the town of Brewster. The shore is home to several harbors and rivers, including the Herring River, Allen Harbor, Wychmere Harbor, Saquatucket Harbor, and the Andrews River.

Harwich celebrates Cape Cod’s heritage of culture and creativity with a strong creative community that includes artists, artisans, antique shops, galleries, live theater and a variety of musical offerings. Seasonal festivals include the Brooks Park Arts & Crafts Festival and the Harwich Cranberry Arts and Music Festival. Musical offerings include weekly band concerts at the Bandstand at Brooks Park in Harwich Center and the popular summer Musical Stroll Nights – local bands playing in various locations along Route 28 in Harwich Port. Harwich Junior Theatre offers a range of plays and educational programs, and the Harwich Historical Society and Brooks Free Library offer special lectures, tours and exhibits.


Red River Beach

Brooks Free Library

Bank Street Beach

Wychmere Harbor

Allen Harbor

Saquatucket Harbor

Brooks Academy Museum

Harwich Cranberry Festival

Whitehouse Field

Cape Cod Rail Trail

Cranberry Valley Golf Course

Harwich Conservation Trust lands

Brooks Park

Harwich Port Strolls

Harwich Junior Theater

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