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How the Falmouth Service Center Helps Community Members in Need

One of the great things you'll notice after buying a home on Cape Cod is how members of the community take care of each other.

Every year, various businesses and residents hold food, clothing, and toy drives to provide those in need with some essentials for their families.

The Falmouth Service Center is a non-profit with nearly 40 years of history on the Cape. This organization aims to work together with members of the Upper Cape community to support and educate those in need, improving their quality of life in the process.

Here's what you should know about the Falmouth Service Center, along with information on what you can do to get involved once you become part of the Cape Cod community.

Services They Provide

The Falmouth Service Center has its hands in various services, all of which provide benefits for those in need on the Cape.

For starters, there's the Food Pantry, which provides food assistance for those who need it. The pantry is open to all Massachusetts residents who are struggling to afford food. Active Duty military or veterans from anywhere in the country are also eligible. 

Financial assistance is available for Falmouth residents who cannot pay for their basic needs, including rent and heating and electric bills. Generally, this assistance is available to families once every 18 months.

Healthcare is vital for Cape Cod residents, and while the Falmouth Service Center doesn't provide insurance, it helps low-income families get set-up with the right coverage. There are numerous options available, and the volunteers within this organization help those struggling to figure it out.

The Falmouth Service Center's other services include legal consultations, fuel assistance, tax counseling, and budget and nutritional workshops. The goal is to provide community members with the education they need to begin thriving in life.

There are clothing options available through the Falmouth Service Center, too. The Clothing Room provides the essentials for those in need, while Hand-in-Hand Thrift Shop offers cheap clothes and other items for around the house.

These services come together to create a place where Falmouth residents can support struggling local families.

Additional Programs

As far as programs and events go, the Falmouth Service Center has a lot going on throughout the year. Some of these events provide for families in need, while others assist in bringing the community together.

Falmouth Eats Together, for example, is a series of gatherings that all Falmouth residents can attend. The goal is to bring people from all backgrounds and economic conditions together for a meal. While COViD-19 has put a temporary pause on these gatherings, the hope is that Falmouth residents can gather once again in the near future.

The annual Thanksgiving Food Drive takes place throughout November, as the Falmouth Service Center attempts to put turkey dinners together for local families in need. Residents are encouraged to drop-off a frozen turkey at the center so volunteers can redistribute them around the community.

Christmastime features a similar event, except that the center collects toys for Falmouth's children in need. Various gift types are needed, but keep in mind that the cut-off is in early December.

Another program that aims to help Falmouth's children is Fresh Start. This program encourages Falmouth residents to sponsor a child by purchasing gift cards for school clothing or donating money for school supplies.

These programs provide a great deal of value by ensuring the kids and families don't have to miss out because of their current economic circumstances.

Getting Involved

Once you relocate to the Cape, you might want to help the Falmouth Service Center on its mission. Fortunately, there are many ways to get involved.

For starters, you can donate some money. This act involves either making a one-time donation or committing to the Grocery Bill of the Month Club, where you'll purchase a bag of groceries for one family each month. You can also donate food directly to the Falmouth Service Center.

If you have any clothing that you're looking to get rid of, you can donate it to The Clothing Room or Hand-in-Hand Thrift Shop. That way, those who need newer clothing, but have economic situations that prevent them from doing so, can make use of it.

Finally, you can always volunteer your time at the Falmouth Service Center. Volunteers are the heart of the organization and responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Volunteer positions include meal preparation, meal delivery, thrift store employee, grounds maintenance, kitchen cleaning, warehouse associate, and community ambassador. Giving up a little bit of your time can make a massive difference in the Falmouth community when you support one of these programs.

The Falmouth Service Center performs countless good deeds in the Upper Cape community, and volunteering or donating gives you an excellent opportunity to get involved.

Published January 26, 2021 in Did You Know?, Get to Know Cape Cod