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How Many Beach Days This Summer? Doug the Quahog Knows!

Summers on Cape Cod are all about spending time at the beach, and it makes sense, as we have some of the best beaches not only on the East Coast, but anywhere in the United States. But on how many days will the weather cooperate this year?

Well, if you believe the local legend, we’ll find out on June 21, as this is when the 11th annual Cape Cod Quahog Day take places and when the Cape's most precise weather forecast goes live.

If you’re interested in experiencing the tongue-in-cheek spectacle that is Cape Cod Quahog Day, head to the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in North Falmouth on the first day of summer to find out just how many days of beach-friendly weather we can expect in 2019.


About the Event

Cape Cod Quahog Day focuses on Doug the Quahog, a hard clamshell with eyes glued on it that predicts the number of beach days we’ll have throughout the summer.

The event acts as a summer kick-off for the area and attracts people from all over the Cape who want to know just how much sunshine we can expect over the next few months. You can think of Doug the Quahog as Cape Cod's answer to Punxsutawney Phil, except the Cape isn’t dealing with a live creature.

At the same time, the legend of Doug the Quahog has become larger than life, as there are mockumentary videos, magazine articles, and even a theme song for the Cape's most famous mollusk that was nominated for a New England Emmy Award in 2014. He is a Cape Cod mascot, and his appearance is always something special.

The event starts with Doug emerging from a vehicle while making a grand entrance, much to the delight of the crowd gathered. From there, he whispers his prediction, and we’re made aware of how the upcoming summer will look weather wise.

For the record, Doug predicted 67 beach days for 2018 and is usually in the ballpark with this prognostications. We’ll have to see if his accurate run continues in the 2019 season.


Doug’s Friend, Johnny Quahog

Like any good prognosticator, Doug the Quahog has a sidekick. Johnny Quahog is the only person who can translate Doug's forecasts, and it is up to him to deliver the good, or bad, news to the crowd.

As the story goes, Johnny saved Doug from being eaten at a local restaurant because he could hear the quahog speaking. From there, the two of them became inseparable, with Johnny eventually learning that Doug could predict the weather and using this talent to help the people of Cape Cod plan their summers.

For the record, Johnny Quahog is actually Erik Bevans one of the founders and owners of Quahog Republic, a local restaurant chain with locations in Falmouth, Onset, New Bedford, and Plymouth.


Doug the Quahog’s Security Team

Over the years, Doug the Quahog has grown in popularity to the point where he needs a security detail. The team includes some local business people and dignitaries like author T.M. Murphy, insurance agent Davidson Calfee, and Shawn Delude of Nauset Disposal. Members of the security squad dress like Secret Service agents and their job is to "protect" Doug at all costs.

This element adds a bit more fun to the entire experience and is something that the kids who come out enjoy.


Check Out Doug the Quahog in 2019

Cape Cod Quahog Day is a free event that is suitable for all ages. It all gets started at 2:00 PM and the exhibition as a whole lasts until about 4:00. Keep in mind that the prediction comes pretty early, so plan to be there by 2:00 if you want to catch it.

Doug the Quahog also tends to pop up in other places on Cape Cod throughout the year. For more information on everything that he’s doing, visit his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

Published June 17, 2019 in Cape Cod Events, Get to Know Cape Cod