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Historic Osterville - a Modern Day Snap Shot

Spread out along five miles of scenic coastline on Nantucket Sound, the village of Osterville is one of the oldest on Cape Cod and can trace its roots far back to 1648 when it was called Cotacheset, the native American name for the area. Since then, generations have flocked to the area known for its beauty and tranquility. Yet there’s also much to do in Osterville, which has one of Cape Cod’s best walkable downtowns.Osterville marina

From many of Kinlin Grover's Osterville listings, downtown is just a short walk, drive or bike ride away. Once on Main Street, you are immediately met with the aroma of warm baked cookies and pastries emanating from Amie Bakery at 3 Wianno Avenue. A walk inside is like stepping into a small Parisian café with its marble countertop and chairs brought in directly from France. The food matches the look. Baker and owner Amie Smith makes everything from scratch and patrons are especially drawn to the red velvet cupcakes and handmade pies.

If you’re looking for colorful conversation to go along with your morning coffee, the Wianno Green Café (29 Wianno Avenue) is a good choice. The food is hearty and traditional and there’s plenty of seating both inside and outside. It’s also a great place to meet up and catch up on the latest town news.

You can also find fine dining just a short walk up the street at Five Bays Bistro (825 Main Street). Working behind the restaurant’s ivy covered façade is executive chef Tim Souza whose specialties include Sole Francaise and Ribeye Au Poivre. The Lobster Mac and Cheese is also outstanding.

Rather cook at home? You can find all the ingredients for the perfect meal at historic Fancy’s Market at 699 Main Street. Fancy’s is a virtual feast for the eyes with colorful fruits and vegetables, choice meats and a great wine selection. They also make unique wraps and panini sandwiches and the long lunch time line at the deli counter is proof of just how good they are.

Downtown Osterville is also home to some of the best shopping on Cape Cod. Margo’s (27 Wianno Avenue) offers spectacular ideas on how to decorate your home. Of course, to the fashionably-inclined, what you wear is often as important as how you live. Boutiques like Wendy Wheeler (847 Main Street) and Island Outfitters (21 Wianno Avenue) will keep you dressed in style for an afternoon sail or an elegant evening out.

Nature is abundant in Osterville. Stroll the walking paths of Armstrong-Kelley Park, soak in the wonder around you and you’ll know why.

From acres of woods to breathtaking water views, Osterville offers luxury living and amenities surrounded by beauty. A walk along any one of the beaches is a recipe for the soul. The best place to find that perfect sunset is directly at the end of Wianno Avenue. There you can sit on the bluff or beach and watch as the sun sinks slowly into the Sound.Osterville Yacht Yard

Osterville is truly the “Pearl of Cape Cod.”

For more on this wonderful historic Cape town, please enjoy our video, Kinlin Grover Presents This is Osterville.

Published August 26, 2015 in Did You Know?, Get to Know Cape Cod