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Furnishing Your Home on Cape Cod

So, you just purchased the home of your dreams on Cape Cod and the time has come to create your interior living space. How do you handle it?

Of course, you could head to a big box store and pick out some new furniture, but it seems like an odd choice to furnish your Cape Cod-style home with contemporary pieces, given that the house has probably been standing for decades, if not longer.

One option is to visit an estate sale, where you can pick up some retro furniture that will give your home a genuine Cape Cod feel. It's also a great chance to find some outstanding deals, depending on what you're looking to add to your home.

There are a few estate sale companies on the Cape, so here is a list of some of the largest.

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What is an Estate Sale?

Generally, an estate sale is a way for the family of a deceased person to liquidate his or her assets in a hurry. Before they can sell the house, the family of this person will often hold a sale to get some value for the furniture and other items left behind in the home. Other reasons for holding an estate sale include downsizing, divorce, or bankruptcy, as in these cases, the homeowner wants to get as much cash as possible for the items inside the home before moving on.

The sale takes place at the actual house. Organizers place price tags on everything in the home and purchase the of these items is generally on a first come, first served basis. So, if you want access to the best pieces at any given sale, line up early and be prepared to buy.


Seashell Estate Sales

If you're the type who likes to plan far in advance, check out the Seashell Estate Sales website. Here, you'll find a complete list of the upcoming sales the company will host, not just the ones coming in the next week or two, which some people find convenient. There are pictures of what the upcoming sales will have to offer, too.


The Early Birds Estate Sales

Kathy Hopper, the founder of The Early Birds Estate Sales, has over 20 years of industry experience and always puts on a great sale. The company's website has plenty of pictures of the next liquidation, along with a calendar of where you can expect to find events in the coming months. Visit The Early Birds' website frequently because it is one of the busier estate sale companies on Cape Cod.


Sandwich Auction and Estate Services

You’ll have two choices when dealing with Sandwich Auction and Estate Services, as they hold estate sales at individual residences, and also auctions at their storefront at 15 Tupper Road in Sandwich. The auctions generally take place once or twice per month, while the estate sales vary based on availability.


American Estate Sales Company

The website of the American Estate Sales Company is very simplistic, as it is mostly text-based, but it's easy to read and navigate. The site provides information on the company's future estate sales, so check back often for more insight on what they have in store.


Yankee Estate Sales Cape Cod

Visiting the Yankee Estate Sales website provides you with a list of the sales coming up in the next week and a short description of each. You can also sign up for their newsletter and have updates on upcoming sales delivered right to your inbox. This newsletter is a reliable resource if you're planning to visit a few estate sales in the coming months and don't want to miss anything.


Stem to Stern Sales

Stem to Stern has been in operation since 1996 and conducted over 1,000 sales in that time. The company's website has a list of its upcoming clearances, including pictures of many of the items that will be available. Having these pictures handy makes it possible for you to visualize what the furniture will look like in your home, so you can decide whether or not to attend the sale.


Private Estate Sales

You can also check for private estate sales, which you'll find advertised in newspapers or websites like Private sales don't have the same level organization as the ones put on by experienced estate sale companies, but you can still find a great deal if you're willing to give them a try.


A Great Way to Find Cape Cod Decor

The best thing about estate sales is that many of them feature antique tables, chairs, couches, dressers, and other furniture that is sure to fit right in with your Cape Cod home’s style. Most estate sales are at older homes with furniture and decor that has been there for decades, so if you’re looking to decorate your home like an authentic Cape Cod resident, this is the way to do it.

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