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Find Surprising Tranquility at Hathaway's Pond in Hyannis


Find Surprising Tranquility at Hathaway's Pond in Hyannis


Hyannis is perhaps Cape Cod's busiest village, as it fills with visitors in the summer and doesn't slow down until well into September. Much of the community's activity is found around Hyannis Harbor, but the area near the Cape Cod Mall gets its fair share of traffic, as well.


This part of Hyannis is home to the Barnstable Municipal Airport, countless restaurants, and multiple shopping plazas. There's an industrial area nearby, too, and all of this is just south of the Mid-Cape Highway.


You wouldn't expect to find a quiet haven from Hyannis' bustle in this part of the village because there's so much noise, but that's precisely what Hathaway's Pond provides.


This small water body is only 1.5 miles north of the Cape Cod Mall and right in the thick of the action. At the same time, it's quiet because it's surrounded by forests and is just far enough from Iyannough Road and Route 6 that it escapes their traffic.


Here's a look at what you can expect when visiting Hathaway's Pond.


Two Beaches


Hathaway's Pond is, above all else, a swimming hole. The facility has two small beaches, each featuring calm, shallow waters where you can safely walk out a fair distance. These features make the park a great place to visit with children.


The first sandy area at Hathaway's Pond is known as Main Beach. It's the beach right by the parking lot and by far the park's most popular spot.


Main Beach has a roped-off swimming area in the summer, making it safe for families to spend the day by the water. There's also a lifeguard on duty in the busiest months.


If Main Beach is too busy, you can also head a short distance east to check out Quiet Beach. As its name suggests, Quiet Beach doesn't draw the same crowds as Main Beach, making it perfect for those who want to relax in peace.


Remember that Quiet Beach doesn't have a lifeguard or a roped swimming area, so it isn't recommended that you visit with kids.


Picnic Facilities


In addition to the swimming hole, you'll find picnic tables, washrooms, and a playground at Main Beach. These facilities make this a fun and accessible place for the entire family.


Keep in mind that the picnic facilities are limited, so you'll have to get there early in the morning to guarantee yourself a spot for lunch.


On-Site Dog Park


As you enter the Hathaway's Pond parking area, you'll see a dog park on the lefthand side of the road. This facility is relatively new but has become a favorite with locals because it provides a place to exercise their dogs in a convenient location.


The park itself is relatively simple, as it features separate areas for large and small dogs and some benches to sit on while your pet plays. The dog park has a designated parking lot, too, so you won't have to fight with beach-goers for a space.


Hiking Trails


There's a hiking trail around Hathaway's Pond, as well, which takes you through a conservation area. This loop trail begins near the main parking area and travels 1.25 miles around the water. There are alternate trails you can take through the woods and all the way to Old Phinney's Lane, too.


The conservation area is 94 acres in size, so if you're motivated to go for a longer hike, you can certainly find the space to do so.


Spending the Day at Hathaway's Pond


The great thing about Hathaway's Pond is that it never gets as busy as the oceanfront beaches, even though it sits right in the heart of Hyannis. So if you're looking to enjoy the weather but aren't into fighting the crowds at the Cape's more extensive facilities, Hathaway's Pond might be the location for you.


A parking sticker is needed when driving to Hathaway's Pond, but it only costs Barnstable residents $45 for the year. The alternative is a day pass, which will run you $25.


Living in Barnstable offers access to some of the world's most scenic beaches overlooking both Cape Cod Bay and Nantucket Sound. While the town's ponds are often neglected, they provide a quiet escape from the bustle of a Cape Cod summer that you're sure to appreciate if you decide to live in the area full-time.

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