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Eddy Bay Trail in Brewster, Massachusetts

Hidden gems are abundant on Cape Cod, as it seems as though every community has beaches, hiking areas, restaurants, and parks of which the public is generally unaware. 

In Brewster, for example, places like Ellis Landing Beach, Guapo's Tortilla Shack, and Drummer Boy Park are local favorites that manage to avoid becoming overrun with people in the summer, making them a nice escape from the Cape's bustle.

If you're looking for a quick walk in the Brewster area, Eddy Bay Trail is an easily accessible option that is rarely busy and short enough for even novice hikers.

Here's what you should know about Eddy Bay Trail, an excellent place to do some exploring through the woods after buying a home in Brewster, Massachusetts.

Map image of trails in Brewster

How to Get There

Eddy Bay Trail is on Lower Road, just outside downtown Brewster. Getting to the trailhead is as simple as turning onto Lower Road from Main Street and following it past The Brewster Historical Society until you reach the entrance. 

You can also take Swamp Road or Brier Lane from Main Street to Lower Road.

When you arrive at the trailhead, you'll see a green sign from the Brewster Conservation Trust, pointing you down a path. The trail doesn't have a parking lot, so you'll have to find a spot on the side of the road.

Hiking Through the Woods

As you enter the trail, holly trees will immediately surround you. Walking north, you'll enter a grove with white pine trees and a bench where you can take a break. As you get closer to Cape Cod Bay, you'll enter an area with oak trees and another bench overlooking the water.

As a whole, the trail network is 31.89 acres, giving you plenty of places to explore as you hike through the woods. The walk along the main path will only take you about 10 or 15 minutes each way, but if you venture off the primary trail, you can spend a few hours looking for birds and enjoying the serenity. 

The area is pretty easy to navigate and has residences on both sides, so you shouldn't have much difficulty finding your way back to Lower Road if you wander off the trails.

The View at the End

Perhaps the main reason to walk the Eddy Bay Trail is the view at the end, as there's a clearing that overlooks Cape Cod Bay. Here, you can enjoy a look at the tidal flats from a hidden viewpoint in the trees. 

There's a beach under the overlook, but keep in mind that you'll be on a bluff, and it isn't safe to walk to the water. There's also a fence preventing you from going over the side of the cliff. You might see some stairs heading to the water through the trees, but those are private property belonging to nearby houses. 

On a clear day, you can see all the way to Provincetown from this viewpoint, as the Pilgrim Monument is often visible. It's also possible to see a power plant across the other side of the bay in Plymouth.

The Eddy Sisters Trail

If you want to explore further after completing your hike, The Eddy Sisters Trail is another option that's just down the road. In fact, it's close enough that you won't even need your car to get there.

The Eddy Sisters Trail starts at a community garden where locals can plant vegetables and harvest them when the time is right. From there, it goes through fields, woodlands, and wetlands, providing a glimpse into Brewster's biodiversity.

Keep in mind that the trail is just over half a mile. You can get through the walk pretty quickly, but the park as a whole is 19.43 acres and has plenty of spaces to explore.

There are also picnic tables and benches where you can enjoy a picnic or take a short rest on your journey.

An Enjoyable Day in Brewster

Brewster's hiking trails provide excellent ways to explore some of the town's more isolated locations and escape the crowds during the summer. The fact that these walks are so centrally located is a nice bonus because you can head into the wilderness while remaining mere minutes from downtown.

Buying a home in Brewster puts you in a convenient location where you'll have access to popular spots like Nickerson State Park and the Cape Cod Rail Trail. You'll also have secluded gems like Eddy Bay Trail available to you when the time is right.

Photo of Nickerson State Park entrance

These hidden trails offer more reasons why the Cape such a special place to live.

Published September 28, 2020 in Exploring Our Area