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Checking Out the Harwich Port Summer Nights Musical Strolls

Very few things in life are more enjoyable than an evening filled with live music, particularly if you can check out multiple bands on the same night at your own pace.

The trouble, of course, is that live music venues can be few and far between and often involve buying tickets, looking for parking, and finding seats. The effort and expense can really add up, turning what should be a carefree evening into a trying experience.

Wednesday nights in Harwich Port provide a much different opportunity to enjoy live music, thanks to the community's Port Summer Nights Musical Strolls. This free concert series runs all summer long and provides music lovers with the chance to listen to multiple bands every week.

Here's a look at everything you need to know about the highly anticipated Port Summer Nights Musical Strolls concert series in Harwich Port.

Various Locations Around Town

Perhaps the best thing about Port Summer Nights Musical Strolls is that you don't have to visit a particular fixed venue to check it out. That's because the concert series takes place all over Route 28 in Harwich Port.

Yes, it sounds vague, but you can go pretty much anywhere on Route 28 in Harwich Port on a Wednesday night in the summer and hear live music.

Bands are set up outside of numerous downtown businesses and play between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM throughout the summer months. There's always a variety of musical styles on display, and if you walk down the street, you'll get to experience most of them.

Port Summer Nights usually kicks off at the beginning of July, and there is a special stroll on the Fourth of July, too, whether it's a Wednesday night or not.

From there, you can expect music to fill the air in Harwich Port every week until the end of August, and again on the first Friday in September for a limited year-end show.

If you're into some mid-week live music while living near Harwich Port, you know exactly where to find it.

Local Businesses Participating

Another great thing about this live music series is that local businesses stay open late to support it. As a result, you can do some shopping, grab a bite to eat, or check out some artwork as you listen. 

Much like the holiday strolls in the winter, this summertime stroll helps stimulate the local economy while providing an enjoyable activity for locals.

The acts are spread out well enough that you can hear them all over Route 28, so it doesn't matter which businesses you visit; you won't miss out on the music.

There's usually a headlining act at Harwich Port Square, as well, providing the perfect location to wind down your evening.

Grab your shopping bags, bring your appetite, and put on your walking shoes because Port Summer Nights gives you something to do every week of the summer in Harwich Port.

Bands and Acts

Of course, the bands that play the Harwich Port Summer Nights Musical Strolls vary by day and year. However, past strolls have included performances by Earth Junior, Canon Hill, Monica Rizzio, High Attitude, Tattoo Cowboy, Steve Morgan & the Kingfish, Mr. Gothca, and Crocodile Tears.

If you've followed the local music scene over the past few years, you've likely encountered at least a couple of those bands.

The Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra has also made a few appearances, so you never know what you're going to get on any given night.

The best way to experience Port Summer Nights is to simply show up. These evenings act as an excuse for Harwich Port residents to gather and provide an excellent, family-friendly atmosphere to wind down your day.

A Great Night In Harwich Port

Buying a home in Harwich Port puts you close to beautiful beaches, a surprisingly versatile dining scene, and a massive amount of history. This community is quieter than nearby destinations like Dennis, Yarmouth, and Hyannis but has enough activity in the summer to keep you busy.

Walking Route 28 in Harwich Port is like stepping back in time, thanks to its historic buildings and serene ambiance. The music that fills the air on Wednesday nights in the summer adds to this atmosphere. These sounds turn this section of the Cape into a must-visit destination for residents.

Don't miss Harwich Port Summer Nights Musical Strolls when temperatures rise this July.