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Be Around for the Rebound

Graphic for Be Around for the Rebound during the pandemic

Be Ready

Before COVID-19, the real estate market was strong and according to many financial and industry leading experts, it will help lead the economic recovery.


This Too Shall Pass

While financial industry experts are not in 100% agreement, major institutions like those listed above, have called for a “V” type recovery. Others project a “checkmark” or “U type” recovery. However the rebound happens, there will be significant opportunity.


Serious Buyers Are Still Searching for Homes

Major real estate search sites and our own website analytics indicate that there are still serious buyers out there. They’re spending longer online and actively searching for their next home*.


Now might just be a good time to sell or buy a home


*Source: Keeping Current Matters, brokerage’s website Google analytics and the Economic Pulse Flash Survey by the National Association of REALTORS®

Published April 23, 2020 in Real Estate News, Housing Market Updates