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Activities For the Whole Family at Mashpee's Heritage Park

Mashpee is full of great activities thanks to its well-known outdoor areas, including the Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge, the Mashpee River Woodlands, the Mingo Conservation Area, the Lowell Holly Reservation, Waquoit Bay, and South Cape Beach State Park.

You're sure to spend time at all of these locations after buying a home on the Cape, as they make Mashpee one of the region's most attractive towns.

Mashpee also has a high-end sports and recreation facility called Heritage Park. This venue sits in a mostly industrial area on Main Street between Mashpee Pond and the Otis Air National Guard Base. It provides entertainment for the entire family in the summer.

Here's a look at what you'll find at Heritage Park in Mashpee, Massachusetts.

Sports Fields and Courts

One of the main reasons to visit Heritage Park is for the sports facilities. That's because the park hosts games for children and adults alike.

First, the baseball and softball diamonds extend throughout the park and come in varying sizes. There are five diamonds in total, three of which have fences separating them from the rest of the park. All of the diamonds have dugouts, and one even has lights for night games.

There are soccer fields at the park, too, providing space for adult and children's games. The great thing about this park is that there's plenty of green space and the town can add new soccer fields by drawing the lines anytime they wish.

As you first enter the park from Main Street, you'll see a relatively new basketball court. This court is for pick-up games and recreational play, giving kids something to do if they aren't playing soccer or baseball.

There are also eight brand new pickleball courts just west of the park, on the other side of Ashumet Road. The Mashpee Pickleball Courts are technically a separate facility, but the Mashpee Recreation Department operates them, and they're easily accessible from Heritage Park.

The Dog Park

The Mashpee Dog Park is right beside the pickleball courts, providing a place to take the dog while the kids play soccer or baseball.

The park has three areas: one for all dogs, one for puppies and small dogs, and one for old dogs, helping to keep your pet safe.

There are some sitting areas at the park for humans and water facilities for your dog.

Playgrounds and the Splash Park

Besides the sports fields and courts, Heritage Park's playground and splash park are its most popular attractions.

First, there's the Edward C. "Tiger" Long Memorial Playground, which is just off Main Street. The playground features state-of-the-art equipment and a faux-grass surface, making it safe for younger children.

The Mashpee Splash Pad is right next to this playground. It's a small facility that doesn't provide much space for older kids. Still, young children love this water park because it gives them the chance to cool off on a hot summer's day.

There are picnic tables next to the playground and splash pad, so you can enjoy a meal while your kids get some exercise on the equipment.

The park has another playground on the other sides of the baseball diamonds, as well. This facility isn't as new as the Edward C. "Tiger" Long Memorial Playground, but its location means you can keep an eye on one child at the playground while another is on the soccer field or baseball diamond.

Overall, these playgrounds make Heritage Park as a whole a more enjoyable spot for families.

Getting There and Parking

Although Heritage Park is on Main Street in Mashpee, it's a little out of the way. Fortunately, Main Street is accessible from Route 28, so all you'll do is head north on the road until you reach the park. You'll pass the Mashpee Wampanoag Indian Museum, Mashpee Community Park, and Attaquin Park along the way, all of which are worth a visit at some point.

The parking situation at Heritage Park can be tricky because there are multiple lots. There are two small lots as you enter the park from Main Street, overlooking the splash pad, one of which you can pull through to reach a larger parking area in the middle of the park.

There's another parking lot off Ashumet Road, too, which is closer to the other playground and a couple of the baseball diamonds. If you're arriving from the south, you'll turn left onto Ashumet Road about a block before reaching the park to use this lot.

You'll find separate parking lots for using the pickleball courts and dog park on Ashumet Road, as well.

One of Mashpee's Most Popular Facilities

Cape Cod has enough sports leagues to keep you busy in the spring, summer, and fall, and those living in the Mashpee area are sure to participate in some at Heritage Park.

This facility is Mashpee's main recreational venue for organized sports, so whether you have kids who will be playing soccer or baseball or want to join a league yourself, a visit to this venue is likely in your future.

Published February 2, 2021 in Exploring Our Area