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Make it “Beachy” – Home Decorating, Cape Cod Style

Many Cape Cod homes are second homes, vacation homes or retirement homes. Whether you live on Cape Cod year round or only seasonally, when on the Cape, folks tend to want to chill out and relax in the comfort of their own homes.

Classic Cape Cod homes often have a relaxed, casual feeling by using quite a bit of white or very light paint and furnishings, accented with coastal colors.

To achieve the “beachy” vibe in your home, plan to visit the intersection of shabby chic, coastal colors and nautical accents. Start with a very light palette – white or beige (think “sand”), and then incorporate shades of blue, green, or teal when adding accent colors. To add finishing touches to your home, think of the Cape's seaside atmosphere. Shells, starfish, driftwood, sea glass and so many more coastal items are excellent ways to add to Cape Cod themed home décor.Photograph of Starfish and sailboat decor against painted blue wall

Adding some beach themed decorations to your home doesn’t have to just be sea glass and seashells throughout the house. There are easy and subtle ways to make your home feel more like a Cape Cod beach house.

Cape Cod Decorating Tips

Let the Light In

Natural sunlight is a large part of the Cape Cod decorating style. Shun the dark, dark paint colors, woodwork, etc. and let in the light. Don’t shutter out what makes us all feel good – the sunshine! Even if you don’t have an ocean view outside your window, that’s no reason not to let in some natural light.

Keep it Neutral, Keep it Natural

Establishing a soothing neutral pallet is essential for recreating seaside ambience. Adding items found in a natural coastal environment adds to the setting. Shells, coral, anything organic found at the shoreline add to the atmosphere. Fresh flowers always help boost the Cape Cod theme. Think hydrangeas!photograph of Starfish in glass vase on a coffee table with a couch in the background

Shabby is Better than New and Pricey

Don’t spend a lot of money on brand new furnishings. Classic Cape Cod homes have often evolved organically over time, being furnished and updated as families grow and change. Scour antique shops, flea markets and yard sales. Look for pieces reminiscent of pieces of artwork and that have charm and character. Cape Cod decor is not about exquisite ornate detail and extreme quality, it’s more about what soothes your soul.

Bring on the Ocean Colors

Nothing is more relaxing than coming home and feeling like you are still sitting by the beach. Incorporate some different shades of blue throughout your home, whether it is with throw pillows, rugs, curtains, or even smaller objects like picture frames or candles. Whatever you choose, having elements that remind you of the blue ocean around your home will definitely have you feeling relaxed!

Choosing Artwork - Consider the Cape’s Nautical Heritage

Consider images of sailing, yachting. Look for artwork that illustartes the many marinas that dot the Cape Cod landscape. This imagery often becomes key elements in Cape Cod decorating. Choose art that is reminiscent of your personal favorite Cape Cod vistas.

Don’t Forget the Comfy

Soft pillows, throws and comfortable linens all add to the charm of the Cape Cod decorating style!

Published August 7, 2015 in Did You Know?, Cape Cod Style