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Cape Cod Mortgage Information

Obtaining a mortgage is one of the most important steps in the home buying process. In fact, it is so essential that we energetically counsel all of our potential buyers to become pre-approved for a mortgage before they begin searching in earnest. With this knowledge in hand, a buyer can then move forward confidently, identifying a very specific price range in the market from which to select.

Pre-approval also plays another vital role. In the eyes of someone selling a property, potential buyers who are pre-approved are seen as more desirable. So, in a situation where there are multiple offers placed on a property, some with and some without pre-approval, that factor alone can have a dramatic impact on how those offers are considered.

We provide direct access to an impressive array of mortgages, ranging from programs for the first-time buyer to solutions for estate and luxury properties. This deep level of additional service, conveniently available within our real estate offices, epitomizes the Comprehensive Homeownership Services model: to identify those things elemental to the process and then make them as convenient and simple as is possible.

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